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China Ningbo Stationery Fair will open next Wednesday, with 1610 exhibitors leading globally in scale
The annual global event in the stationery industry, China Ningbo International Stationery Fair 2024, will be held from March 27th to 29th at the Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center. This year's exhibition covers an area of 53,000 square meters, reaching a new high in scale, with 1610 exhibitors showcasing hundreds of thousands of high-quality stationery, office supplies, and related products, making it the world's largest exhibition and trade platform in the stationery industry.
1 months ago
Registration for concurrent events at China Ningbo International Stationery Fair 2024 is underway!
During the same period of the exhibition, the"Stationery Exports in 2024: Breakthroughs and Sustainability" forum organised by BOSSGOO will be held, and the "Reasons and Typical Cases for Stationery Product Recalls"will be held by EMTEK (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. The two important events will further enhance the influence of China Ningbo International Stationery Fair 2024 in the industry. Places for the events are limited, so sign up quickly!
1 months ago Expo News
2024 Ningbo International Stationery Fair visit guide, must be collected!
2024 China Ningbo International Stationery Fair will be held on 27-29 March in Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Centre, This year's fair opens the entire halls 1-8 and the gallery.the fair area of 53,000 ㎡, bringing together 1,610 exhibitors, is expected to be present at the professional buyers of 35,000 + people. In order to facilitate your visit to the fair, we have specially prepared this "visit guide", please click on the collection for checking at any time!
1 months ago
China Ningbo Stationery Fair 2024 is about to open, click for transportation and accommodation guide
Ningbo Stationery Fair 2024 will be held at Ningbo International Exhibition Center. In and around Ningbo International Exhibition Center, you can find a wide selection of hotels. In this article you will find important information on your arrival at the Ningbo International Stationery Fair as well as accommodation advice.
2 months ago
Shantou Stationery Pavilion at China Ningbo International Stationery Fair
China Ningbo International Stationery Fair has been going on for 20 years without the support and trust of many stationery industry bases. Shantou, as the main production base of stationery in China and the concentration of famous brands of stationery in China, has a large number of stationery enterprises exhibiting every year, bringing many fine products and new stationery on display, which largely enriches the show's viewability. This time, let's get closer to Shantou and have a deeper understanding of this stationery production base which has been alive and well for dozens of years.
4 months ago Expo News
With a pencil to pry up 2.2 billion big industry, Qingyuan exhibition group appeared in Ningbo stationery Exhibition
A little pencil, a $2.2 billion industryQingyuan pencil industry started in the 1970s of last century, so far has more than 40 years of development history, has formed a whole industry chain including softening board, finished pen, equipment manufacturing, pen lead, paint glue and other products, products have also moved from single to diversified, specialized, high-end.In 2010, Qingyuan County was awarded the title of "China Pencil Production Base" by China Light Industry Federation and China Pen Manufacturers Association, and in 2017, China's only national export pencil quality and safety demonstration zone landed in Qingyuan.By the end of 2022, there are 42 pencil enterprises in Qingyuan, including 20 enterprises on the plan and 4 enterprises with 100 million yuan, achieving an output value of 2.2 billion yuan and an annual output of more than 7 billion pieces, accounting for one-third of the total national output.Qingyuan pencil focus on brand strategyIn recent years, the pencil industry of Qingyuan County vigorously implemented the brand strategy, under the demonstration of a group of leading enterprises such as Jiuling and Hongxing, more and more independent brands emerged, gradually gained a foothold in the fierce market competition and expanded the territory, and the products under the "Feiyan" and "Hongxing" brand were awarded the title of "China Pen Famous Brand Products" by the China Pen Association.Now relying on ODi, Hongxing, Jiuling, Hongye, Best, Qianyi, Anyi, Lianxing and other backbone enterprises excellent product quality and brand effect, Qingyuan pencils sell well at home and abroad.Qingyuan has also been awarded the "China light industry characteristics and industrial cluster innovation and upgrading demonstration zone", "National foreign Trade transformation and upgrading base" and other "national brand" crown, the future will focus on advanced manufacturing and high-tech industries, continue to play its own advantages, to create a "global pencil wisdom capital".Qingyuan enterprises insist on going outQingyuan pencil enterprises in improving their product quality and build brands at the same time, adhere to go out, vigorously promote the brand, the pencil companies frequently participate in exhibitions and industry activities. More than half of Qingyuan pencil companies participated in the Ningbo Stationery Fair 2024, bringing diversified, professional and high-end new products to show the world the vitality from Qingyuan.
4 months ago
China Ningbo International Stationery Fair invites global buyers with multi-channel online and offline promotion
The 21st China Ningbo International Stationery Fair, the most eagerly awaited global stationery industry event, will be held on 27-29 March 2024, occupying all the halls and galleries of the Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Centre, covering an area of 53,000 square metres. More than 1,500 new and existing exhibitors will showcase over 100,000 stationery, office supplies and creative products in four main areas: Office, Learning, Art and Life. Since the beginning of the show's preparation, the organisers have launched online and offline media promotions covering the whole world to attract more and better quality buyers from both domestic and overseas industries.
5 months ago
2024 China Ningbo International Stationery Fair added 68 new booths!
To enable more stationery companies to participate in this industry event, the organisers have made great efforts to add 68 booths in Hall 2/3, Hall 1/6 and Hall 7/8.
5 months ago
The exhibition plan was further upgraded with the launch of the "Art & Painting Materials, Educational Toys Featured Zone"!
2024 Ningbo International Stationery Fair will be the first time in Hall 2 to create and re-launch the "art drawing materials, educational toys featured exhibition area", the exhibition area based on the industry's development of a high degree of foresight and market demand for the depth of the excavation, focusing on the art of drawing materials, educational toys and other products, attracting a large number of high-quality enterprises in the industry, to fully present the creativity of the stationery industry and the fun, so that aesthetics and creativity to produce a more intense collision.
5 months ago
Jiurin Interview
The town of Zhukou in Qingyuan County, Lishui City, is known as the "number one pencil county in China," and is home to numerous pencil factories of all sizes. As one of the earliest pencil enterprises in Qingyuan County, Zhejiang Jiuling Pen Brush Co., Ltd. has always been at the forefront of the pencil industry in the county, with well-known brands such as Feiyan, Shaonianpai, and Niony under its umbrella.We had the opportunity to interview Mr. Shen Congren, the general manager of Jiuling, to learn about the company's current development status and his vision for the future layout of the stationery industry. Q: What are your expectations and suggestions for the 2024 Ningbo Stationery Exhibition?Shen: Actually, the Ningbo Stationery Exhibition held in March this year was quite successful. We met some good customers, especially several high-end domestic suppliers. As for the Ningbo Stationery Exhibition itself, I think it is becoming more and more professional and popular, so we will definitely continue to participate. We also hope to attract more international buyers, such as European and American merchants, or similar international and large stationery brands, to increase our profits. I feel that the Ningbo Stationery Exhibition still has great potential. If it can reach the level of the Canton Fair, that would be even better. If the Ningbo Stationery Exhibition can bring me enough business, I won't need to go to the Canton Fair.Q: Can you introduce some of your company's unique products?Shen: This is our art powder, in black series. As you can see, the packaging is beautiful, and the powder is very delicate, with cultural and creative elements incorporated into it. This product lays down 50% faster than a regular pencil. It has already become very popular and has a significant impact.Shen: This colored charcoal is also very interesting, with a packaging design that has a distinctive era theme. We used our powder to draw a painting of Kandinsky and incorporated it into this product. The pen holder is made of imported sycamore wood, and a box sells for over 100 yuan. A box of 24-color colored charcoal pencils has a very beautiful effect when drawn on our paper, making it a new highlight of our Niony brand.
7 months ago
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