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Enterprises丨China Brand 6151 Pencils Receive Intellectual Property Protection from the Supreme Court of Justice
Recently, The Supreme People's Court of the People's Republic of China made a retrial judgment in the case of China First Pencil Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "First Pencil") v. a domestic stationery company infringing on a certain influence of the packaging decoration dispute, and found that the stationery constitutes an infringement of rights. The case went through the first trial, second trial and retrial, and was finally finalized by The Supreme People's Court of the People's Republic of China.Classics will always be passed onZhonghua 6151 red and black drawstring pencil (hereinafter referred to as "6151") is a classic product designed and launched by First Pencil on May 1, 1961 to celebrate Labor Day. After more than 60 years of use, publicity and maintenance, the pencil has accompanied the growth of generations and has become a pencil known to the public. Because of its high market influence, counterfeit or imitation products often appear in the market. In order to safeguard its legitimate rights and interests, First Pencil has defended its rights through litigation and other means, and its 6151 market influence has been supported by the judgments of many grassroots courts, intermediate people's courts and high people's courts.In 2021, First Pencil discovered that a domestic stationery company had used without permission the red and black drawstring decoration similar to 6151, causing misidentification and confusion among the relevant public. It sued to the Intermediate People's Court of a certain city in a certain province. After the trial, the court of first instance held that the red and black stripe decoration used by the stationery company was more common in the market, lacked prominence, and did not have the uniqueness of distinguishing the source of the goods, and thus did not constitute an infringement of the First Pencil, and the court rejected all the litigation requests of the First Pencil. The court rejected all the litigation requests of the First Pencil. The First Pencil refused to accept the judgment of the first instance and appealed to the Higher People's Court of a certain province, and the court of the second instance upheld the judgment of the first instance, which held that the packaging and decoration of the pencils in question did not have the distinctiveness and uniqueness, and that the use of the stationery company did not constitute an infringement of the rights of the company.The first pencil firm intellectual property rights, then filed a retrial application to the Supreme People's Court.Justice is never lateThis case is a rather complicated litigation in the process of defending the independent intellectual property rights of the first pencil, but in the country's protection of intellectual property rights continue to strengthen, and the laws and regulations continue to improve the situation, justice has finally been served.First Pencil sincerely thanks the consumers for their trust and love, which is also the driving force for the company to insist on defending its rights, safeguarding its brand and protecting the consumers.Declaration: This article comes from the China Writing Instrument Association (CWIA). If copyright issues are involved, please contact us to delete.
18 days ago
PONY and Chenguang Stationery Sign Strategic Partnership
Recently, PONY Testing (stock code: 300887), as a continuous leader in China's testing industry, has reached a strategic cooperation with Shanghai Chenguang Stationery Company Limited (stock code: 603889), one of the world's largest stationery manufacturers, and signed a cooperation agreement.The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement creates a good situation for both parties to promote development and win-win cooperation. Project leaders from both organizations with their core teams attended this strategic cooperation ceremony and witnessed the important moment of signing history.As one of the world's largest stationery manufacturers, Chenguang Stationery integrates creative value and service advantages, and is committed to making learning and working more enjoyable and efficient, providing comprehensive stationery solutions for learning and working scenarios, and creating a "world-class Chenguang".Relying on its profound technical strength and credibility, PONY will give full play to its profound technical advantages in stationery and other related testing fields, and strive to bring Chenguang Stationery better technical support in product quality control and safety, and will continue to explore the potential of cooperation between the two sides, learn from each other, and deepen the strategic cooperation. Both parties will take this strategic cooperation as a new starting point, fully combining their respective advantages to realize technology complementation and R&D innovation.PONY's project team visited Chenguang Stationery's laboratory and related product factories, and fully understood the company's current quality control requirements and innovation challenges. The vice president of technology of Chengguang Stationery expressed full recognition of the technical strength of PONY, and believed that in the future, PONY, with the advantages of professional talent team, rich technical experience, strict quality control, and high-quality service level, will help Chenguang Stationery to research and develop new products, and promote the high-quality development of stationery business.PONY Testing Stationery Testing AdvantagesPONY Group can provide comprehensive testing, metrology and calibration, factory inspection, certification and evaluation in one of the professional and all-round technical solutions for partners around the world. Several laboratories under the group are third-party testing organizations recognized by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and undertake quality sampling of student stationery and other commodities in circulation by market regulators. They can undertake physical tests and chemical tests such as microbial limit, cadmium content, lead content, phthalates, preservatives, etc. on stationery such as pens, paper and adhesives.Declaration: This article comes from the PONY official website.If copyright issues are involved, please contact us to delete.
25 days ago
Deli, Guangbo, Tianhong won the 2023 sporting goods industry Top Ten news, publicity advanced Award
On January 30, the China Cultural, Educational and Sporting Goods Association announced the 2023 Top Ten news of the sporting goods industry and the 2023 Advanced News Publicity Award list.
5 months ago
Guangbo Shares obtained design patent authorization: "Stationery Packaging Box"
According to the data of enterprise check, Guangbo Shares (002103) has obtained a new design patent authorization, the patent name is "stationery packaging box", the patent application number is 2023302029451, the authorization date is December 26, 2023.
6 months ago
Leading Office Supply Dealer Achieves 40 Percent Improved Sales Efficiency with SugarCRM AI-Powered Sales Automation and sales-i B2B Sales Intelligence
FSIoffice, the American leading independent office supply company, is the latest distributor and wholesaler that is gaining significant competitive advantage through newfound sales opportunities with SugarCRM, provider of the award-winning AI-driven CRM platform.With more than 250 employees and nine distribution sites, FSIoffice (Forms & Supply, Inc.) is one of the largest independent office supply dealers in the world. For over 60 years, FSIoffice has grown to adapt to the changing work world – from traditional offices to schools and remote spaces. Its product portfolio includes more than 40,000 different items, including office supplies, furniture, janitorial products, coffee and breakroom staples, along with printing and promotion.FSIoffice implemented Sugar Sell as its CRM solution, working with Sugar partner CRM International to transition from manual spreadsheets to an all-in-one CRM platform and advanced sales automation solution. Enhanced reporting and analytics make the hard things easier, enabling the company to identify sales opportunities while simultaneously engaging with its customer base of 20,000 and growing.In addition, FSIoffice integrated predictive business-to-business (B2B) sales intelligence from sales-i which surfaces powerful data-driven sales insights and opportunity alerts based on customer buying behavior.Sugar is fully integrated with FSIoffice’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, uniting front- and back-office data. This integration supports real-time analysis on purchase orders and payment terms, giving FSIoffice a 360-degree customer view to boost sale efficiency and unlock newfound revenue opportunities.Adding transactional data to the mix, augmented by predictive B2B sales intelligence, allows FSIoffice to be more targeted in its sales and marketing approach."Sugar has contributed to account managers’ ability to handle 40 percent more cases thanks to automated efficiency," says Beth Freeman, Executive Vice President at FSIoffice. "Now our teams can access valuable insights and act on them in one place, in real-time. Plus, with all sales data and tools together, reps can send engaging communications and marketing resources to prospects and customers in just a few clicks, saving significant time," added Freeman."With Sugar, FSIoffice now has a high-definition view of its customers and business operations, providing sales data and opportunity insights at its fingertips to proactively generate demand, support its growing catalog, and improve customer experience," said Jason Rushforth, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Americas, SugarCRM. "The company can reach out to customers before a new need arises and suggest complementary products, contributing considerably to top-line growth. And they have more time to do it with seamless integration and automation that eliminates the need to manually search for data across systems."Declaration: This article comes from the finance.yahoo.com. If copyright issues are involved, please contact us to delete.
7 months ago
In 2023, the second batch of "specialized and special new" small and medium-sized enterprises in Ningbo City, and 5 stationery enterprises were listed
"Specialized and special new" small and medium-sized enterprises refers to the small and medium-sized enterprises that are specialized, refined, characteristic and outstanding in innovation ability, and are the "main force" of the national specialized and special new "little giant" and the national key "little giant".
7 months ago
Maxieye to build R&D headquarters in Ningbo
Shanghai Maxieye Automotive Technology Co Ltd will construct its autonomous driving and artificial intelligence R&D headquarters in Ningbo, East China's Zhejiang province, according to a deal the company signed with Ningbo during the World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit on Nov 9.
8 months ago
What's the road to overseas digitisation? POPMART gives the answer
The Instant Retail Industry Development Report (2023) released by the Institute of E-commerce of the Ministry of Commerce shows that in recent years, instant retail has been maintaining an average annual growth rate of more than 50%. 2022 market size reached 504.286 billion yuan, and it is expected that in 2025 the instant retail market size will reach three times of that in 2022. China's retail industry is developing rapidly.At the same time, under the background of globalisation, more and more domestic enterprises choose to "go out" and lay out the global market in an attempt to obtain resources and customers in a wider scope, so that enterprises can achieve more rapid growth. This is also true for the retail industry. However, in the process of going abroad, many enterprises are faced with many pain points in the application of digitalisation, which, if not effectively solved, will seriously constrain the development of the enterprise."Life, not familiar with the land", there are many pain points for enterprises to go overseasAs we all know, each country and region has its own local laws and regulations, the first thing that enterprises should pay attention to overseas is compliance. Only by conducting business within the scope of local laws and regulations can we ensure sustainable development. Overseas enterprise digital action will also be due to differences in laws and regulations in different markets, the risk of enterprises operating in different markets is also different.Local differences are not only manifested in laws and regulations, but also in the local "customs", enterprises need to face the consumer groups in different countries and regions, and need to have the ability to operate in the local market. However, due to the differences in the cultural background and consumption habits of different markets, it is difficult for enterprises to have sufficient operational capabilities in each market.For example, consumers in different countries and regions have different needs for products, price acceptance and marketing preferences, which makes the problems faced by enterprises in different markets different.Currently, POPMART has constructed North American and global independent stations in North America, and deeply laid out business scenarios. According to POPMART's latest annual report for 2022, the number of POPMART's Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas shops has reached 43 (including joint ventures and franchises), the number of robotic shops has reached 120 (including joint ventures and franchises), and the number of cross-border e-commerce platform sites has reached 13.In addition to the pain points at the business level, companies need to deal with a large amount of user data in the process of going overseas, which includes personal information, transaction information and other sensitive information. However, due to the differences in laws and regulations, cultural backgrounds, etc. in different countries and regions, it is difficult for enterprises to ensure that data security and privacy protection issues in different markets are effectively addressed.For example, different countries and regions have different regulations and standards for the protection of personal information, which makes enterprises face different legal risks in different markets. In addition, hacker attacks, network viruses, etc. also pose great threats to the data security of enterprises.At the same time, with the growing business of enterprises, there will be more and more cross-region and even cross-country business. But at the same time also brings new challenges, in addition to the real physical space on the reach, how to use technology to achieve the Internet reach, is whether the enterprise can really make the business bigger and stronger, and even out of the country, the key to the world.POPMART's "second venture" to the seaPOPMART is a leading trendy culture and entertainment company, as well as a leader in the new retail industry. In the rapid development of domestic business at the same time, POPMART in order to further expand its business territory, seeking space for growth, the development of vision into the international market. According to Titanium Media, POPMART formulated a development strategy as early as 2018 to seek growth space by going overseas. According to public data, by the end of 2022, POPMART has more than 400 offline shops and more than 2,000 robot shops around the world. It took four years for POPMART to achieve both domestic and international growth.POPMART's business going overseas is like "starting a new business".From a business point of view, Zhou Shuying, Chief Consumer Operations Officer of POPMART, said that in terms of the field of trendy games, there are obvious differences between the overseas market and the domestic market, and enterprises can't build a good online sales network only with the help of a certain set of Internet system. The 'online, offline combined' model of reaching users through the efficient online network allows users to have a better shopping experience, while empowering the development of their own business." Zhou Shuying pointed out.From a technical point of view, POPMART CTO Xing Zongyu said that in order to accelerate the overseas business strategy, POPMART's overseas e-commerce business chose the more challenging mode of building its own website, with the goal of building and operating a global online shopping mall with the objectives of "security, stability, and controllable cost". It is also under this consideration that POPMART chose to cooperate with Amazon Cloud Technology to jointly promote the digital construction of POPMART overseas.According to Xing Zongyu, POPMART is mainly interested in three aspects of Amazon Cloud Technology's capabilities:Firstly, data security, "data security compliance is always the first thing to consider no matter in which country or region, and for this reason POPMART has also established its own data security committee," Xing Zongyu pointed out, "Amazon Cloud Technology is very experienced in this area. Deployment on Amazon CloudTech can directly inherit the compliance of its high-standard cloud infrastructure and meet overseas regulatory and compliance policy requirements."Secondly, Amazon Cloud Technology has a rich layout of cloud resources globally, as well as years of deep ploughing in cloud services, so that Amazon Cloud Technology has the ability to provide mature cloud services at the same time, effectively reducing the cost of using cloud services for overseas enterprises, "What is more noteworthy is that the overall cloud services of Amazon Cloud Technology have the rapid deployment, as well as elasticity and expandability. capability. This point fits well with our overseas high concurrency business needs." Xing Zongyu emphasised.Finally, Amazon's worldwide business system also provides good support for POPMART, "For example, we actually have a layout on Amazon e-commerce, which effectively expands business channels for us through Amazon's powerful e-commerce system." Xing Zongyu gave an example of how Amazon has also played a crucial role in POPMART's business promotion.More Possibilities for Retail Going OverseasIn the view of Jiang Zhenyong, Architect Manager of the Solution Architect Department of Amazon Cloud Technology Greater China, at the moment, for China's retail industry, the process of going overseas is equivalent to the process of the enterprise's second venture. At the same time, with the rapid growth of the enterprise overseas business, the enterprise data flow is also more and more, the elasticity and scalability of the underlying IT platform requirements are also higher and higher.Amazon Cloud Technology, with its rich cloud resources around the world and years of experience in cloud services, can help users build a highly elastic, scalable and secure cloud platform faster, which is one of the key reasons why many Chinese enterprises choose to co-operate with Amazon Cloud Technology in the process of going overseas. In this regard, Jiang Zhenyong said, "Based on the strong capabilities of Amazon Cloud Technology in the field of cloud services, Amazon Cloud Technology has the ability to provide the best cloud services in the world, which is the most important reason why many Chinese enterprises have chosen to co-operate with Amazon Cloud Technology in the process of going overseas. In this regard, Jiang Zhenyong said, "Based on Amazon Cloud Technology's strong ability in the field of cloud services, Amazon Cloud Technology has gained a large number of customers' trust in supporting e-commerce retail enterprises, including POPMART, in the process of going overseas."In the sharing, Jiang Zhenyong told Titanium Media that Amazon Cloud Technology has three main advantages in supporting the retail industry to go overseas: firstly, Amazon Cloud Technology has extensive infrastructure coverage globally, which can help retail e-commerce customers to quickly build business platforms globally, as well as localised operational networks. Secondly, Amazon Cloud Technology has strong data analysis capabilities, which can help customers land marketing and promotion solutions together, "such as personalised recommendations, intelligent search for products, intelligent customer service, etc., while we also try to use new technologies such as generative AI with our customers." Jiang Zhenyong said. Finally, Amazon Cloud Technology's partners around the world, as well as Amazon's global business system, can provide customers with a range of services from digital solutions to strategic operations.In addition to these three advantages, in terms of data security compliance, which is the most important to enterprises, Amazon Cloud Technology also has complete capabilities, as well as a wealth of experience in the event, said Jiang Zhenyong, firstly, Amazon Cloud Technology is responsible for the security compliance of the cloud itself, to ensure the security and compliance of the underlying cloud infrastructure and cloud services, which can be inherited by the customers who are going out to the sea; and secondly, it has provided more than 300 security, compliance and governance services and tools. These tools are highly integrated with Amazon CloudTech's cloud services, allowing for a high degree of automation; and finally, Amazon CloudTech shares its own more than 17 years of compliance experience with its customers and provides consulting services and corresponding solutions with its global partners."In the process of enterprises going overseas for their 'second business', Amazon Cloud Technology can serve as a reliable partner to help them deploy their overseas business better, faster and safer, and help them achieve rapid business growth." Jiang Zhenyong emphasised. Declaration: This article comes from the TMPOST. If copyright issues are involved, please contact us to delete.
9 months ago
Lego abandons effort to make oil-free bricks, Financial Times reports
Sept 24 (Reuters) - Danish Toymaker Lego has abandoned its effort to ditch oil-based plastics from its bricks after finding that its new material led to higher carbon emissions, the Financial Times reported on Sunday.Lego found that bricks made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (RPET), would lead to higher carbon emissions."We tested hundreds and hundreds of materials. It's just not been possible to find a material like that," Lego Chief Executive Niels Christiansen told the Financial Times.Reuters was not able to independently verify the details of the FT report. Lego did not immediately respond to Reuters' request for comment.Lego had earlier pledged to replace oil-based plastic bricks with ones made from sustainable materials by the end of the decade.The company had kicked off efforts in 2020 to replace its plastic bricks by sustainable materials. The difficulty was to find a material that would be environment friendly but give the same color, shine and sound of an oil-based plastic bricks.Reporting by Shubhendu Deshmukh in Bengaluru; Editing by Lisa ShumakerDeclaration: This article comes from the reuters.com. If copyright issues are involved, please contact us to delete.
10 months ago
Papier launched its rebrand in partnership with London-based branding agency Ragged Edge
Stationery brand Papier launched its rebrand in partnership with London-based branding agency Ragged Edge earlier this year.
2 years ago
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