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Lovepop celebrates the first annual National Greeting Card Day

Lovepop has marked April 1, 2021 the first annual National Greeting Card Day in order to encourage people to “share messages of love and support with the special people in their lives.”

National Greeting Card Day was created by Lovepop in March 2021. According to Lovepop, April 1, 2014, is the day it launched and introduced the “‘arts meets engineering’ to creating beautiful, laser cut, pop-up greeting cards.” This is why Lovepop has designated Apr. 1 as National Greeting Card Day.

In a recent blog post, Lovepop noted that this day is celebrated because “studies show that receiving handwritten notes and cards can help stave off feelings of loneliness and isolation.”

Lovepop encourages everyone to send a greeting card to those they love.

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