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Acrylic painting 'made easy' by edding

edding has introduced an exciting new range of high-quality acrylic paints and pastes in a convenient marker format.

Designed to meet the needs of beginners and hobby painters, the range offers retailers a fantastic new sales opportunity to reach this completely new target group as well as existing acrylic fans. This exciting and significant product launch demonstrates edding’s commitment as a creative brand and is fully supported by a comprehensive marketing communication package.

Ulrike Vollmoeller, Vice President of International Strategic Marketing at edding explains, “When designing our acrylic range, we were able to draw on our many years of experience with inks and markers. We wanted to give everyone the opportunity to break through any perceived barriers and venture into the world of acrylic painting with a convincing range of products that can be used on impulse and with ease”.

The result is an impressive acrylic marker with three nib sizes and an innovative 3D double liner, all supplied in an array of brilliant colours. The popularity of acrylic paint for creative designing is increasing, and as edding’s acrylic markers are ideal for beginners and hobby painters alike, they are set to make a huge impression.

The acrylic range features highly opaque, quick-drying, waterproof, lightfast, low-odour acrylic ink and paste, all available in up to 26 popular colours, including on-trend metallics, pastels, and neons. The three different sized markers give consumers plenty of choice, from broad strokes for larger areas through to fine lines for precise details. The innovative 3D double liner is in a squeezable tube format with two unique applicator tips. The artist-quality acrylic paste is squeezed out of the tube, making it possible to create amazing 3D effects. The creamy paste also blends perfectly together and can be mixed or diluted with water.

The new edding acrylic markers are available singularly or in various sets which have been developed in conjunction with a team of artists. The complete assortment has been designed to combine perfectly with the popular edding acrylic permanent sprays to allow even more creative combinations.

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