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Terms & Conditions

Membership agreement

Ant Street( antway.cn )It is an e-commerce platform independently developed and operated by Ningbo Zhongbo International Exhibition Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhongbo Exhibition"). If you register or use ant street, you shall abide by all the provisions of this agreement.

Ⅰ、 Special reminder

1. This agreement has marked the terms that may have a significant relationship with your rights and interests in bold type, which you should focus on.

2. Individual terms of this Agreement may be adjusted from time to time according to business needs. Once the content of the terms changes, it will be announced on the website by way of announcement. If you continue to use and accept the services of ant street, it is deemed that you have fully read, understood and accepted the revised agreement; if you do not agree with the revised agreement, you have the right to stop using the services of ant street.

Ⅱ、 Members

1. Members of ant Street are natural persons, legal persons and other organizations with full capacity for civil rights and independent legal liability. If you do not have this qualification, please do not register or use ant street. You and your guardian shall bear all the consequences.

2. Ant street is forbidden by ant street antway.cn Natural persons, legal persons and other organizations that have cancelled their membership will use ant street again.

Ⅲ、 Registration terms

1. If you apply to register as a member in the process of using ant street, you must abide by the following rules:

(1) When applying for registration, provide true, accurate, instant and complete registration information, including but not limited to your name, contact address, contact telephone number and e-mail address;

(2) Maintain and timely update the registration information to keep it true, accurate, timely and complete.

2. If you register as a member on ant Street on behalf of other natural persons, legal persons and other organizations, you declare and guarantee that you have been authorized and have the right to make the above legal subjects subject to this agreement.

3. In the process of registration, you can choose a login name and password. You should take good care of your login name and password, and be responsible for all actions through this account.

4. If you want to modify the login name, contact information, password or cancel the registered ant Street account, you can contact us according to the contact information of the website.

Ⅳ、 Terms of use

1. When you use ant street, you must ensure to abide by the national laws, regulations and rules, abide by the relevant agreements, regulations, rules, procedures and practices of ant street, and do not use ant street to engage in any illegal activities.

2. You are independently responsible for the authenticity, accuracy, timeliness, integrity and legality of all information (including but not limited to personal information and business information, including but not limited to text, pictures and videos) released through ant street.

3. Any notice sent by e-mail in ant Street will be sent to your e-mail address. Ant street has the right to send all kinds of business information related to the services provided by ant street through the contact information provided by you (including but not limited to e-mail, mobile phone number, etc.). If you refuse to continue to receive the above business information, you must notify Sinoexpo in writing.

4. The following information shall not be released on ant Street:

(1) Derogatory words about bad information, race or gender, or information containing illegal, insulting, slandering, etc;

(2) Information infringing any third party's copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, privacy, reputation or other rights;

(3) Any other information in violation of national laws and regulations, rules and regulations.

5. Ant Street will try its best to check the information submitted by members, and audit, publish or delete the information submitted by members in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and the operation rules of the website, but it can not fully guarantee the authenticity, accuracy and legality of the information released by members.

6. Ant Street contains links to other websites. Ant street can't control these websites and the resources they provide, so it doesn't make any commitment to the authenticity, accuracy, immediacy and integrity of the content, advertisement, service and product information on the linked websites, and it doesn't bear any legal responsibility for the linked websites.

7. For the company information, product information or other information (including but not limited to words, pictures and videos) that you can publicly obtain in ant street, you agree that Sinoexpo exhibition has the right of free, irrevocable, full license and sublicense all over the world to use Modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works, disseminate, perform and display the foregoing (in whole or in part), or incorporate the foregoing into any other form of work, media or technology, whether currently known or later developed. At the same time, you agree that Sinoexpo will not be liable for any legal liability arising from the information provided by you without changing the substance of the information.

8. You agree to promote the company, product or other information provided by you (hereinafter referred to as "information") on all websites operated and cooperated by Sinoexpo (including but not limited to existing or future websites), and agree that Sinoexpo will not be liable for any legal liability arising from the information without changing the substance of the information provided by you.

Ⅴ、 Information collection

When you register as a member in ant street, ant street needs to collect your name, email address and other information. When you browse ant street, the server will automatically collect your IP address and browsing page information. At the same time, ant Street collects the information of Chinese suppliers and their products, the demand information of buyers, and constructs its database system. Ant Street will not disclose the above information directly related to a member unless permitted by the member or required by law. Please refer to "privacy policy" of ant street for specific information collection and use rules

Ⅵ、 Expenses

It's free to register free members and use corresponding services; for those who choose other charging services, please refer to the corresponding instructions published on ant street for the specific fee standard. Ant Street reserves the right to adjust the fee. Once the fee is adjusted, it will be announced on ant Street immediately. If you are already using the charging service and have paid, it shall be implemented according to the fee standard before the modification, and the new fee standard after the expiration.

Please note that:

Zhongbo exhibition is not responsible for the software and hardware, tax, communication, network service fees and other fees you need to pay for using the services of ant street.

Ⅶ、 Dispute and complaint handling

1. You agree that in the process of using ant street, when you find any facts that may infringe your rights or ant Street's rights, you should inform ant street in time and provide corresponding supporting materials. If the complaint is untrue and causes losses to ant street or a third party, you should bear the legal responsibility.

2. Ant street has the right to accept and handle the disputes and complaints between you and other members or third parties arising from the use of ant street or product rights defects, and has the right to know the situation from you through e-mail and other contact ways, and inform the other party of the situation through e-mail and other ways. You have the obligation to provide the corresponding information within the specified time after receiving the notice from ant street, and to cooperate, understand and handle the disputes and complaints. Otherwise, ant street has the right to unilaterally and independently judge whether the complaints and / or claims of other members or the third party against you are successful, and make the processing results unfavorable to you. If ant Street judges that the claim of other members or the third party is tenable, you should pay in time. At the same time, ant street has the right to immediately suspend or terminate your relevant ant street service or refuse you to use ant street in any form. Ant Street will not take any responsibility for the decrease of service.

3. As ant street is not a state authority such as a judicial organ, you fully understand and acknowledge that ant street has limited ability to identify evidence and deal with emergencies. The acceptance and handling of disputes, disputes and complaints are entirely based on your authorization. You do not guarantee that the handling results meet your expectations, nor assume any responsibility for the handling results. Ant street has the right to decide whether to participate in the settlement of disputes.

4. If the effective legal documents confirm that you are in violation of the law or this agreement, or ant Street judges that you are suspected to be in violation of the law or this agreement, ant street has the right to announce your illegal behavior and make corresponding treatment, including but not limited to suspending or terminating your service, permanently prohibiting you from using ant street, etc.

Ⅷ、 Suspension and termination

1. Ant street has the right to suspend or terminate its related services or refuse to use ant street in any form for your following behaviors, and it will not bear any responsibility for you, and ant Street reserves the right to investigate your legal responsibility:

(1) The information you provide is untrue, incomplete, untimely and inaccurate;

(2) Using ant street to distribute repetitive information indiscriminately, publishing information prohibited or restricted by national laws and regulations, publishing information that does not belong to the business scope of members, or information that has nothing to do with ant street services;

(3) Sending a large amount of information not related to business to members of ant street without authorization;

(4) Publishing business information and conducting business activities in the name of other enterprises;

(5) Plan to destroy or attack the integrity of the computer system and network of ant Street website, or attempt to enter the computer system and network of ant Street website without authorization;

(6) Use or provide any computer, masquerade sabotage program, computer worm, timer Trojan horse or other destructive program that destroys, interferes with, intercepts or encroaches on any system, data or personal data;

(7) Stealing other people's accounts on ant street;

(8) The sale or authorized use of the account without the consent of ant street;

(9) Fraud involving ant street;

(10) Infringement of intellectual property rights involving ant street;

(11) Other acts in violation of state laws and regulations, rules and regulations, ant Street related agreements, regulations, rules, procedures and practices.

2. You agree that Zhongbo exhibition has the right to suspend or terminate your relevant services or the use of ant Street account based on reasonable doubt and e-mail notice, and Zhongbo exhibition shall not bear any responsibility for this.

3. Once your membership service is terminated, you will not be able to release information on ant street, nor can you let others release information on your behalf; your registration information and all relevant information in ant Street will be deleted or discarded; at the same time, Sinoexpo reserves the right to investigate your legal responsibility for your behavior before the termination of your membership service.

Ⅸ、 Statement of responsibility

1. Ant street does not guarantee that the website is free from interference and failure, nor does it guarantee the use effect. Ant street is not responsible for the connection between you and ant Street server blocked due to human or non-human factors. You agree to independently bear the losses caused by accidental interruption of the website, delay in operation or transmission, computer equipment, network connection failure, unauthorized access, etc.

two Force majeure (including but not limited to natural disasters, turbulence or riots, acts of war, government actions, and any factors that affect the normal operation of the network due to the particularity of the Internet, including hacker attacks, interruption of Internet connectivity or system failure, the impact caused by the technical adjustment of the telecommunications sector, and temporary closure caused by government regulation) If the performance of ant street is delayed or unable to be performed due to the reasons of the street, ant Street shall not bear any responsibility. However, ant street should inform you in time after the occurrence of force majeure and take measures to try its best to reduce the losses that may be caused to you.

3. For any claim, demand, lawsuit, loss and damage arising from or caused by the member's violation of the relevant agreements and rules of ant street or the member's violation of any law or the rights of a third party in the process of using ant street, the member agrees to compensate and protect Zhongbo exhibition and its employees, ant street and the obligee from any damage.

4. Ant street can not guarantee the authenticity, timeliness, security and correctness of the information published by members. You should independently bear the risks arising from the use of ant street. Ant Street wants you to be careful and use common sense when using the website.

Ⅹ、 Intellectual property

1. The copyright of the material selection, arrangement, arrangement, typesetting and compilation of all the contents on ant street, as well as the text, pictures and other works created by ant street, whether express or not, belongs to Sinoexpo exhibition. Any natural person, legal person or other organization shall not modify, publish, disseminate, participate in the dissemination, sale or production of derivative works, or use the whole or part of the content on ant street in any other way, including but not limited to company information and product information, without the written authorization or permission of Sinoexpo. Sinoexpo reserves the right to investigate its legal liability.

2. No one is allowed to use the design, use and all trademarks of Sinoexpo without the authorization of Sinoexpo. Other trademarks appearing on ant Street are owned by their respective owners.

3. All readable materials on ant Street are protected by the copyright law of the people's Republic of China and the Trademark Law of the people's Republic of China. Ant Street respects and protects other people's intellectual property rights. It is not allowed to publish or disseminate any information or pictures that may infringe other people's rights without the explicit permission of copyright, trademark or other exclusive right holders. Otherwise, the actor shall bear all the responsibilities arising therefrom.

Ⅺ、 Others

1. The conclusion, modification, implementation and interpretation of this agreement, as well as the settlement of disputes related to this agreement, shall be governed by the relevant laws of the people's Republic of China, and shall be governed by the location of Sinoexpo exhibition.