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Pulp prices continue to rise cultural paper enterprises are expected to achieve profit expansion

On the news, pulp prices continue to rise. Since entering May, pulp prices continue to maintain the momentum of growth. According to business statistics, as of May 8, the domestic pulp spot price of 6,430 yuan / tonne, up 30 yuan per tonne from April 30, compared with the beginning of 2024 has risen nearly 10%. Since the beginning of this year, including Nine Dragons Paper, including many domestic paper enterprises have issued price increases. Agencies previously pointed out that with the traditional peak season approaching from March to May, paper prices ushered in the opportunity to raise.

Agencies pointed out that since March, the global pulp supply disturbances are frequent, is expected in the second quarter of the global pulp supply-demand mismatch is more prominent, coupled with the whole industry chain pulp stocks are in the low level, the second quarter pulp prices are expected to maintain a strong trend. Bulk paper, currently in the traditional peak season of cultural paper, pulp prices, if the continuation of the strong trend, cultural paper prices are expected to achieve the cost of conduction, from the supply of pulp accounted for a higher proportion of cultural paper industry leaders are expected to benefit from this round of paper prices, profit expansion.

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