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More and more confident Chenghai toys: unafraid of copying, welcome to take photos!

In the pavilion of the 135th Canton Fair Hua Xing Technology Development Co., Ltd, Russian buyer Alexander Gudkov looked at it for a long time and carefully asked whether the exhibits could be photographed. After getting the affirmative reply, he hurriedly took out his mobile phone and took a careful picture of his favourite products.

Buyers shop for products at the booth of Hua Xing Science and Technology Development Co Ltd (pictured on May 3) on the site of the third phase of the 135th Canton Fair. By Hong Zehua, Xinhua News Agency

For the lower threshold of the toy business, flower pattern, style design is the core competitiveness of enterprises, but also easy to be copied and imitated. In the past to participate in various types of exhibitions, toy enterprise staff have to be posted in the booth "Do not take pictures" logo, but also always keep an eye on the exhibits, to guard against creative inspiration by the exhibition visitors "steal".

Nowadays, generous display, allowing photography has become the norm for toy companies exhibiting at the Canton Fair. In the booth of Shantou Xinbida Early Learning Technology Co., Ltd, a castle made of magnetic pieces attracted many passing exhibitors to stop and take photos.

Wang Keyfeng, director and general manager of the company, stood aside and introduced with a smile. "Our products have registered patents in the world's major markets, and the quality is excellent, but also continue to invest in research and development to launch new products. Relying on Guangdong's complete industrial chain, we can make cost-effective toy products, so we are neither worried about imitations nor plagiarism, so feel free to take photos." Wang Jianfeng said.

Starlight Interactive Entertainment Co Ltd, which has participated in the Canton Fair for more than 20 years, takes licensed products as its core exhibits. "Relying on the high simulation, high quality and competitive prices of our products, we have built a good brand image in the international market. Most customers who focus on car toys have heard of Starlight's brand and are willing to negotiate further." Lin Meier, deputy director of Starlight's international business department, said more than 400 of the company's products have been sold to more than 120 countries and regions.

Purchasers communicate with staff members of Starlight Interactive Entertainment Co. on the site of the third phase of the 135th Canton Fair (photo taken on 2 May). By Hong Zehua, Xinhua News Agency

British buyer Bradley Anden is an old friend of Xinghui, all kinds of authorised remote control cars have been the focus of his purchases. When he came to the Canton Fair this year, the recently launched building block assembled RC car mould from Starlight attracted his attention. "This product is very novel, I have not seen elsewhere, I hope to get a deeper understanding, and then in a few markets to start testing the water." Anden said.

Guangdong Xinyu Technology Co., Ltd. placed several chicly shaped block RC cars in the most prominent position at the entrance of the booth. Customers were able to experience the product features on-site while shopping for the products and obtain product information by taking photos and scanning codes.

Purchasers buy and experience block remote-controlled car products at the booth of Guangdong Xinyu Technology Co. on the site of the third phase of the 135th Canton Fair (photo taken on 2 May). Xinhua News Agency reporter Hong Zehua took the photo

"The products are patented and quality is guaranteed, so we have the confidence that we are not afraid of taking photos or making copies." Chen Liang, chairman of Xinyu, said, "We have hired long-term cooperation designers in more than 10 countries and regions, such as Italy, Russia, France, etc., to design products to meet local market demand according to the habits and preferences of local customers."

Xinyu welcomed an old friend - Mexican buyer Hector Alonso at the Canton Fair site. This exhibition, Alonso fancy ten kinds of products, ready to recommend to Turkey, Mexico, the Philippines, Japan and the Middle East customers in many countries.

"I have been engaged in the toy industry for more than 20 years. From my observation, customers from Middle Eastern countries pursue novelty and uniqueness, and like new products and designs. Japanese customers, on the other hand, pay more attention to the educational significance of toys and are willing to buy educational products." Alonso said, "No matter how diversified the demand is, we can always find products that meet the requirements at Canton Fair, and in recent years, the quality of the products is better and more cost-effective, which has a strong competitive advantage in the world."

Zhang Yuwei, manager of international trade department of Hua Xing Company, said, exhibiting in Canton Fair this year, he felt that the demand of buyers is more precise, and the company relies on the complete supply chain, strong manufacturing capacity and rich design experience to launch different grades of products adapted to different markets.

"As China's toy industry continues to make a name for itself globally, the different needs of different customers are posing more challenges to us. Our toy enterprises have been innovating, researching and developing, relying on patented technology and excellent quality to strive for greater market opportunities." Zhang Yuwei said.

Source: Xinhua News Agency

Declaration: This article comes from the Ningbo stationery industry Association.If copyright issues are involved, please contact us to delete.

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