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Industry Hotspot | Jingdong 2024 New Year's Consumption Observations, Museum Year of the Dragon Cultural and Creative Sales Shine, Stationery New Releases...

Industry Hotspot 1: Jingdong 2024 Chinese New Year Consumption Observations, Museum Year of the Dragon Cultural and Creative Sales Brighten Up

In this year's Spring Festival consumption, traditional culture is the deserved C position. In traditional folk products, sales of traditional calligraphy couplets, dragon lanterns, door gods and other products increased by more than 142% year-on-year, window flowers, New Year's paintings, lanterns and other New Year's-related decorations are the key areas of non-legacy, Saihan window flowers, Zigong lanterns, Mianzhu New Year's paintings, Tianjin Yangliuqing New Year's paintings, Shandong Weifang Yangjiabu New Year's paintings and Suzhou Taohuaowu New Year's paintings ...... These non-heritage symbols, which often appear in documentaries, have become a new way for young people to decorate their homes, with the turnover of non-heritage lanterns, non-heritage New Year's paintings, and non-heritage embroidery increasing by 9.6 times, 175 per cent, and 166 per cent year-on-year, respectively.

In this Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon, handwritten Spring Festival couplets have become a fashion, and sales of handwritten Spring Festival couplet paper, brushes and other related products have increased by more than 12 times year-on-year. In addition, the turnover of simulation toys and building block toys with "dragon" elements increased by more than four times year-on-year. (From @CGN)

Industry Buzz 2: Disney's Fiscal Q1 Earnings Beat Estimates

Disney reported better-than-expected fiscal first-quarter earnings and issued an upbeat full-year profit outlook, citing the positive impact of cost cuts and the strong performance of its global theme parks. Earnings per share excluding certain items rose to $1.22, beating Wall Street's average estimate of 99 cents, according to a statement released by Disney . Revenue was essentially flat at $23.5 billion for the quarter ended Dec. 30, below the average of estimates compiled by the agency of $23.8 billion. Disney's struggling TV business and two films that failed at the box office, "Captain Marvel 2" and "Star Wishes," formed a drag. (From @SinaFinance)

IP: Sanrio 23 years sales of nearly 4.5 billion yuan, China accounted for 560 million yuan

February 14, Japan's leading company Sanrio disclosed the 2023 Q2 to Q4 quarterly financial results, Thunderbolt was informed: 2023 Q2 to Q4 quarter Sanrio to achieve cumulative sales of 72.43 billion yen (about 3.47 billion yuan), an increase of 40.3% over the same period a year ago; attributable to shareholders of the parent company's cumulative net profit of 16.14 billion yen (about 770 million yuan), an increase of 137.6%. billion), up 137.6 per cent year-on-year.

The financial report shows that from Q2 to Q4 2023 China (including mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong) contributed a total of 8.39 billion yen to Sanrio's sales, accounting for 72.8% of Asia's sales, 39.3% of overseas regions and 11.6% of Sanrio's overall sales. In terms of operating profit, China contributed a total of 4.43 billion yen, accounting for 81.2% of operating profit in Asia, 61.3% in overseas regions, and 20.0% of Sanrio's overall operating profit.

The cumulative operating profit of Sanrio China in 2023 is calculated to be 5.06 billion yen, accounting for 21.0% of Sanrio's overall operating profit. (From @WeChat: Thunderbolt)

Industry Hotspot 3: Mobile Phones Banned in UK Primary and Secondary Schools

According to The Guardian, the UK government has confirmed plans to ban the use of mobile phones in primary and secondary schools in the UK, and on 18 February released a "Headteacher's Guide" to guide primary and secondary schools across the country on how to implement the ban. According to the guide, UK primary and secondary schools can ban the use of mobile phones by pupils at any time and in any place in the school. However, the guidance is not a mandatory ban, but an authorisation for primary and secondary schools. Primary and secondary schools can choose to ban mobile phones in one of four ways: banning the bringing of mobile phones to school; handing mobile phones to teachers on arrival; locking mobile phones in a designated place on arrival; and pupils being allowed to keep their own mobile phones provided they are not in use or have them silenced. According to some UK unions, the methods in the guide have previously been used in primary and secondary schools in the UK.

In addition, the guidelines give some advice for teachers and parents of students. Primary and secondary schools should clearly inform students of their mobile phone policy and explain the reasons for it. Teachers should also not use mobile phones in front of students unless it is necessary for their work. Parents should also be actively involved by going through the school office when they want to contact their students, rather than calling them directly. (From @iWeekly Weekend Illustrated)

Industry hot spot 4: Museums in the New Year has become a New Year's custom, cultural and creative sales hot

The reporter learnt from the Zhejiang Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau that during the Spring Festival, the number of visitors to the museums of record in Zhejiang Province exceeded 3.5 million. Among them, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Shaoxing's museum visits broke 550,000, listing the top three in Zhejiang. In major museums, cultural creation has become a new favourite, setting off a boom in cultural consumption in the New Year. In recent years, spending the New Year in museums has become a New Year's custom. During the Spring Festival, state-owned museums in Zhejiang launched more than 160 exhibitions, as well as more than 500 experiential activities, such as non-fraditional handcraft experiences and the Welcome Chenlong New Year's Bazaar, attracting people to visit them. (From @ChinaNews.com)

Tiktok Life Service: average daily consumption scale during Spring Festival holiday increased 153% year-on-year

The 2024 Spring Festival Consumption Data Report released by Tiktok Life Service shows that from New Year's Eve to the sixth day of the Lunar New Year, the average daily consumption scale of the life service industry, such as eating, drinking, playing and entertainment, increased by 153% year-on-year. Among them, the consumption scale of third-tier and following cities grew rapidly, and 3.19 million people returned to their hometowns to visit shops, bringing 1.185 billion yuan of economic income to their hometowns. During the Spring Festival holiday, more than 1 billion people shopped online for temple fairs in other places, the number of people who bought movie tickets at Tiktok increased 1.28 times year-on-year, and the number of museum-related orders increased 1.75 times year-on-year....... cloud temple fairs, Spring Festival film watching, museum shopping, ice and snow tourism, group-buying gifts and other things have become the new custom of people's New Year's Eve. (From @InfoTimes)

Industry Hotspot 5: Domestic first BRICS city cross-border e-commerce air transport line import and export of more than 17,000 tonnes of goods

According to Xiamen Customs news, the first domestic BRICS city cross-border e-commerce air line "Xiamen, China - Sao Paulo, Brazil" since the opening (opened on February 10, 2023), the cumulative total of round-trip flights 234, import and export of more than 17,000 tons of goods. Among them, 16.78 million pieces of cross-border e-commerce parcels have been exported, mainly including clothing, bags and electronic products; and 6,375 tonnes of fresh products such as aquatic products and fruits have been imported. (From @CCTV News Client)

Declaration: This article comes from the Ningbo stationery industry Association.If copyright issues are involved, please contact us to delete.

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