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Company Introduction
Beitu Wenjiao is a leading supplier of commercial display/display product brackets in the industry. Its excellent product development capabilities, excellent production quality, and good service reputation have won recognition from numerous markets and customers. Beitu Wenjiao focuses on OEM and ODM of commercial display/display bracket products. We are committed to creating long-term value for our customers. Our professional technical team provides customers with one-stop solutions from appearance design, structural design, mold development, testing and verification, and mass production. Our mobile bracket products are widely used in fields such as conferences and education. We are committed to continuous innovation in product strength, continuously improving product functionality and stability, and providing customers with a perfect experience.
Main Products: Office Supplies ,Demonstration and Accessories
Business Type: Manufacturer
Market: China ,Asia ,Europe ,North America
Company Address: Beitu Culture and Education at the intersection of Qinglin Street and Greenland Road in Hengfan Industrial Park,Qingshanhu Science and Technology City, Lin"an District, Hangzhou City
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