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Dialogue with Mr Wen Jinbo, Deputy Secretary-General of Guangzhou Stationery Industry Association

On the venue of 2024 Ningbo International Stationery Fair, we had the honour to interview Mr. Wen Jinbo, Deputy Secretary General of Guangzhou Stationery Industry Association. Organisation to lead the team to visit the ninth year, in his eyes of the Ningbo Stationery Fair experienced how the development and changes, let's listen to his feelings.

Q: First of all, please say hello to everyone!

A: I am the deputy secretary general of Guangzhou Stationery Industry Association, my surname is Wen. I am in Guangzhou Stationery Industry Association this year is the ninth year, is also the organisation to come to Ningbo Stationery Fair for the ninth year. Basically, I have come to the Ningbo Show every year, and I have witnessed that your Ningbo Stationery Show has been doing better and better every year.

Q:How do you think the Ningbo Stationery Fair has changed in the past nine years?

A: The changes are really great, and we have seen the Ningbo Stationery Fair getting better and better in the past few years. When we came here for the first time, there were not so many pavilions, as if there were only 4-5 pavilions, and now there are already 8 pavilions. At that time, I estimate that the flow of people was less than half of what it is now. I can say this, every year it's getting better, and this year it was clearly a step further than the previous year. I feel like there was at least 1/3 more foot traffic. The foot traffic was particularly strong, from 10 o'clock until now. We are now in the location of our fifth president of the Association unit of the United States to help pray for wealth of the exhibition, I just saw the flow of people is very large, there have been visitors to come over to consult.

Q:How do you think the development direction of stationery industry in the future?

A: I think there will be a strong development of creative products and art drawing materials in the future, the development of traditional stationery products has entered a bottleneck. Now the stationery industry needs some new things out, such as stationery and toys, as well as the combination of some other things, to comply with the rapid development of the industry environment, creative products and art drawing materials have the advantage of this.

Q: So what should be the focus of production and R&D of cultural and creative products?

A: The focus of the future development of cultural and creative products should be in favour of the intellectual development of children. Nowadays, people's quality of life is getting higher and higher, and the requirements for creative products are getting higher and higher, and the products we buy are helpful for children's intellectual development, and at the same time, they should be both healthy and safe. Another art supplies, there is a greater need to pay attention to health and environmental protection, in the choice of materials required even if accidentally eaten will not pose a hazard to the body. Because parents for children's products will only be demanding, especially in big cities.

Q: Do you have any suggestions for Ningbo Stationery Fair?

A: As a stationery representative from Guangzhou, the first thing I feel is that we don't have many exhibitors from Guangzhou, and I hope that in the future more Guangzhou enterprises can come to exhibit at the Ningbo Stationery Fair, which also requires both of us to make efforts to strengthen the communication between Guangzhou enterprises and this side.

Q: We also hope that in the future we can work more closely with Guangzhou Stationery Industry Association and develop more stationery enterprises from Guangzhou to exhibit in Ningbo.

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